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It's Personal


The Elizabeth Jane Inn and grounds of The Lee Farm Reserve have been a part of the Lee Family for generations. It was renamed, remodeled, and introduced as a premier wedding venue in 2020.

Signature Style


Professionally designed by Sarah Varnedoe of Varnedoe Interiors each detail is thoughtfully designed to make you feel more at home than at a boutique inn.

Our Commitment


There is nothing more important for your special day than knowing that every detail is taken care of. The Lee Farm Reserve offers all the services you need to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

A-house-ipw copy.jpg

LEE FarM Reserve

 LOCATED IN THE heart of South Georgia AND NESTLED IN tall pines and farm fields OF DU PONT.

Lee Lodge AND the Pine Pavilion ARE IDEAL FOR weddings, RECEPTIONS, FUNDRAISERS, events, LUNCHEONS, PROMS, CONCERTS, AND reunions.

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